Friday, 4 November 2016

Detected Crack In Earth Magnetosphere

Earth is our home planet, the only known planet which supports life. The third planet from the sun. Earth supports life because it is the correct distance from the sun, it has just the right temperature not too hot or too cold. Most importantly it has water and oxygen thanks to its atmosphere which protects us from the ultraviolet rays from the sun.
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The magnetosphere is the earths magnetic environment. The earth is a huge dipole (2 pole) magnet. The earth magnetic field is caused by its molten iron--nickel core. This magnetic field is aligned with the north and south poles, and has reversed many times during geologic history. The magnetosphere protects the earth from space radiation, which is contributed mainly by our suns solar winds. These are highly charged particles blasted out of the sun like steady winds. Nothing good can come from the destruction of our magnetosphere.

Scientist's have recently discovered that our magnetosphere is no longer as secure as it once was, a crack in our magnetic field was discovered. The telescope and cosmic ray detector GRAPES-3 was used to publish analysis of a solar stormed that occurred in June 2015 leaving the planet with no magnetic field for 2 hours. A giant cloud of plasma originating from the suns corona ejected and 9 minutes later crashed into our magnetosphere at 2.5 million kilometers per hour causing massive radio-signal blackouts in many countries in North and South America, and fueling huge aurora's.

A year after the storm has struck scientist are just staring to realize the amount of damage done to our atmosphere and warn that the magnetic field has weaken which may cause a flip of the earths poles.